Media Force Group’s influence and experience in the advertising industry, turns media buy negotiations in your favor. We work with major radio stations to direct marketing campaigns that utilize straight media buys, giveaways, and live remotes. You benefit by receiving the most exposure for the least amount of cost.

We will assist you in planning a sophisticated radio campaign that reaches your target audience and produces a maximum Return on your Investment (ROI). Radio Advertising can be effective on it’s own or it can be used as the perfect complement to a Social Media Campaign to further increase your overall success. Depending on your goals and objectives, we can focus on either a local or national campaign and can reach virtually any demographic or lifestyle.


  • We utilize our connections and leverage our expertise, to negotiate maximum exposure and low rates.

  • We specialize in multi-channel advertising which increases your ROI.

  • We work with talented script writers and top voice-over talent to ensure the most effective messaging.

Radio has often been called “Theatre of the Mind”. It can captivate an audience and result in an immediate impact for advertisers, especially in markets with long commute times like Southern California.

Just how affordable is
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