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How You Can Get Your Commercial on TV – 4 Key Tips to Follow

Have you come across an archive online that featured an advertisement you used to watch on TV in your childhood? You would instantly become hooked on to that and remember all that the ad contains and was intended for. This has been the power of TV for ages. The best and even the worst of ads have the potential to become a memorable hook and stick in the minds of viewers forever.

If you want a creative and impactful marketing strategy, then a TV commercial could be the best option. Just buying a TV ad may sound simple, but you need to ensure that it creates the impact you desire and is produced within your budget. Here we list down some key tips on how to get your commercial on TV:

1. Set a Budget

Creating the budget is important, as everything from creating the commercial to airing it needs to be managed within that. How many people do you want to reach? Which channels do you desire? We can worth with your budget to create the right schedule that we think will be the most impactful and result in the best return on your investment.

2. Get The Commercial Completed

The production of the commercial includes determining the commercial concept, hiring actors, a director, and getting the final footage edited. Ad-ons could consist of voice-overs and special effects, as well. Do you want your commercial shot in one location, multiple? This is the core and most important part of your ad development process.

3. Pick the Right Slot to Air

An ad is effective when it reaches the right audience and makes an imprint on their minds. When doing media buying, we research the best times to air your commercial for the lowest rates. Along with that, we can also target prime time slots. If it’s within your budget, airing your commercial during a special event, such as an awards show or popular sports program could get you the maximum exposure.

4. Consult Professionals

Airing a commercial is something that can vary in terms of cost, as you need to place your ad on the best networks at the best times. This is when you will need a professional advertising company with good relationships within the industry. Media Force Group possesses the know-how when it comes to placing advertisements on local and national channels for the lowest cost. We have extensive connections in the television industry, whom we have been working with for 20+ years.

We analyze and leverage our overall client spending to secure the best possible rates and make our recommendations strictly based on the media mix that will deliver the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI).​

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